Undergraduate Degree Programme

At the undergraduate level, the department offers a degree programme open to both UME and Direct Entry students leading to a B.Sc. in International Relations and Strategic Studies. The programme is designed to train graduates who would be well informed, equipped, and exposed to contemporary issues to apply themselves effectively to the ever-changing global environment.

The programme is also aimed at producing graduates who understand, appreciate and comprehend the burning issues inInternational Relations and can find professional engagements and careers in diplomatic service, the security and intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, international organizations and the academia, in addition to those who will operate in private capacities.

The requirements for the award of this B.Sc. under the 4 years degree programme are:

a. UME: This requires a minimum of five credits in the school certificate examination or its equivalent at not more than two sittings including English Language, Governments, Economics and two other courses. Candidates are also expected to have at least a pass in Mathematics.

b. Direct Entry: Three credits in the School Certificate or its equivalent, plus two relevant subjects in the GCE “A” Level or its equivalent, Diploma in Law, International Relations or any other related courses may also be considered.