Aims and Objectives

The major objectives of the mass communication department, Igbinedion University, Okada are:

  1. to set a high standard of scholarship in the study of mass communication
  2. to train the students to acquire appropriate communication skills for effective transmission of values, information, beliefs, customs, traditions and ideas to a large, heterogeneous and anonymous audience within the context of media technology.
  3. to enlist the cooperation of the students who are studying communication courses theoretically and practically at Igbinedion University, Okada in the struggle to developing mass media industry in Nigeria.
  4. to use acquired knowledge of mass communication as required in communication industries and
  5. to develop moral and spiritual values in interpersonal and human relations


  1. To offer an undergraduate professionally oriented programme for the aspiring Nigerian Journalists, Communicators, Broadcasters, Public Relations and Advertising practitioners.
  2. To train and retrain Nigerian Journalists, Broadcasters, Public Relations and Advertising practitioners for leadership positions in the mass media organizations in Nigeria and the world
  3. To raise and sustain the professional status of journalism in Nigeria
  4. To bridge the divergent perspectives of news gathering and dissemination
  5. To provide the Mass Communication students with the opportunity to master the art of communicating with the masses that transcends all disciplines, whether inwriting or broadcasting for an on-line website at daily, news casting or writing a speech for company Chief Executive Officer or writing Advertising or Public Relations copy to sell or promote a product to the masses.
  6. To instill in the mass communication students the ability to respect deadlines and work under constant pressure.
  7. To train and encourage Nigerian communicators to be effective communicators by being able to think quickly, research creatively and write or broadcast concisely to the mass audience.
  8. To train Nigerian media men and women that would act as the trustees of the public trust and that would be socially responsible to the communities they serve by being accurate, fair, balanced and objective in their reportage of societal issues.
  9. To produce Nigerian mass communicators who will continue to protect the basic principles of the peoples’ right to know as the fourth estate of the realm.
  10. To train students who at end of degree programme in mass communication will be able to differentiate soft news from hard news, truth from falsehood and responsible journalism from irresponsible journalism and
  11. To train students who at the end of the degree programme in mass communication will be equipped enough to establish his/her own newspapers, magazines, Public Relations outfits and advertising agencies, or radio and/or television stations

Qualifications for admission to Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication will generally be the same as for other Bachelor degree programmes in Igbinedion University, Okada. Admission will be based on academic performance in the School Certificate Examinations and University Matriculation Examination (UTME).