The Department of Political Science & Public Administration of Igbinedion University as one of the foundation departments of the university is a unique department that from its inception has charted distinct pathways to academic excellence.

It has programmes which are broad in scope, open and accessible to all. The Department from its inception in October 1999 developed a programme that transcended the traditional restrictions of learning in similar departments in other Universities, thus transcending all social divides of the time. It is truly a department for anyone who is qualified and open to study in its core vocational areas.

The Department today is a comprehensive research department that interweaves the main elements of similar departments of any Ivy League university with an unusually strong public service mission. Many words can be used to describe the nature of this Department as a whole: complex, creative, entrepreneurial, eminent, and engaged. Programmes of study are available at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

At the Undergraduate level, our curriculum covers subjects in the fields of Political Science including Comparative Politics, Public Administration, Political Philosophy, International Relations and National Government.

At the Postgraduate level, we offer

(i) Masters of Science in Political Science with specialization in either of Comparative Politics, Public Administration and Political Theory;
(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration; (iii) MPhil/PhD; and (iv) PhD in all of the fields of Political Science.